The Big Pay-off

Make the most out of marketing your home

You’ve made the decision to put your home on the market. How do you get the most you can for it?

As an expert in the Edmonton and area real estate market, Trisha helps to guide you through the process of listing your home. When to sell. How to price it. And, most importantly, how to market it.

“We were lucky enough to meet Trisha after having a bad experience using an alternate option selling our home, from the start she made us feel comfortable and ensured us she would work tirelessly to sell and she did just that! Trisha is certainly not your average REALTOR®.”

Blaine Bexson

Proper market evaluation

The first step in selling your home is getting a proper market evaluation done. That’s a service that Trisha provides, free of charge. She also provides a home inspector who can come out and do an inspection, so you have all the information you need to be fully confident in your listing.

Trisha also works with a professional stager who will help prepare the items in your home for listing, to ensure for great showings.

The marketing machine

Trisha puts her extensive background in marketing and sales to great use when helping her clients sell. It’s all about making sure your home is put in the best possible light… with attractive staging and eye-catching photography that captures your home’s most sellable features.

“I have a great team behind me to help with the staging and the photography,” says Trisha. “They do a fantastic job.”

Weekly updates

Through each step of the process of selling your home, Trisha keeps you informed. She gives you weekly updates on how homes are selling in your neighbourhood and other neighbourhoods, so you remain nimble and competitive in today’s marketplace. Trisha also gives general feedback and direction after showings. 

“I make sure my clients always know what’s going on,” says Trisha. “At every stage, my clients know what to expect. That helps make this an enjoyable, stress-free experience.”

Get the most you can

Here’s one of the best things about listing your home with Trisha. She’s a professional negotiator, so you can be assured that come closing time, you’re getting the most you can out of your investment.

The personal touch

So, what happens after closing?

After all the negotiations are successfully completed to your satisfaction, Trisha isn’t the type of Edmonton realtor who’s just onto-the-next-sale.

“Honestly, I become friends with almost all of my clients after we work together,” she says. “I love it if we can touch base over a dinner and I can see how happy they are.”